The benefits of illustration.

Illustration is a term that covers a very broad range of applications.

Most people will think of children's books or cartoon characters when they hear the term "illustration" but it also covers maps, technical drawings, diagrams and abstract graphics. I work in both digital and physical mediums to achieve a result that meets the clients need.


Emotional Response

Simple illustrations and characters can have the benefit of creating a strong emotional response in an audience. Cute cartoon characters with big eyes or grungy graffiti stencils will connect instantly with very different audiences and provoke very different reactions.

When an emotional connection with the audience is achieved, any marketing strategy will be much more successful.

Technical Illustrations

Can you imagine an IKEA assembly guide without the drawings?

Technical drawings or illustrations are the most effective way to quickly and accurately convey complex instructions, from a guide on yoga poses to a DIY build your own UFO manual!

Custom Maps

Whether it's a complex festival map or a simple store location on a brochure, getting your map custom-made allows you to dictate the style and also the importance given to various features.

Move beyond a Google Maps screenshot!

Children's Book Illustration

If you have a n idea for a book that you would like illustrated, please get in touch. You can see some examples of my illustration work here.

Street Art & Graffiti

As a long time practitioner of street art and graffiti, I understand the culture and techniques of the urban art movement and can help you to genuinely connect with the demographic.

From digital illustration to hand painted cafe walls, street art culture adds a creative, artistic and vibrant atmosphere to any space.

Get in touch

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How can illustration enhance my message?