The ROI of creativity.

ROI can be notoriously hard to calculate with the huge number of factors impacting the success or failure of any investment. In the world of marketing and design however, it is often possible to see surprisingly quick results, from lead generation to increased sales.

So how can we harness the potential of creativity?


Critical Thinking

As with all design and marketing work, an understanding of the client needs, the industry and the audience demographic is vital. This keeps the end goal in sight and ensures that concepts will be on target.

Critical thinking helps to guide the creative process and identify ineffective or clichéd ideas.



A red house in a street full of blue houses will draw attention for a reason - the human brain has evolved to detect any small differences or deviations in our environment, as this can often signal either reward or danger.

This is where the concept will really make a difference - a truly different idea will make people sit up and take notice.



It makes sense that if you want something done professionally, you go to a professional. Creative conceptual thinking is no different.

While designers are happy to breathe life into the ideas of their clients, most great concepts come from those who live and breathe creative work - the designers themselves. They spend a good part of every day thinking about how to engage with people creatively.

We wouldn't tell our dentist to how deep to drill - but a lot of people with no design experience are happy to tell designers what to do. For a top quality outcome, resist the urge to micromanage your designer!


Artistic & Aesthetic Skills

Graphic designers have varying levels of artistic skill - from none at all to disgustingly talented! Artistic skills are a real bonus to any conceptual work as they allow the designer a much greater range of possibilities when thinking about how to tackle a problem visually.

Artistic skills are not vital however - a good designer can subcontract an artist or photographer to achieve the desired effect.

An appreciation of aesthetics and art history is a huge advantage - without an understanding of these foundations of design, options will be limited, and the end result is likely to be lazy and unfocused.

Here are some examples of my art and illustration.

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Creative concepts win every time.